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  • Pet Nail Clippers Large
  • Large Pet Nail Clippers

Large Dog Nail Clippers by GoGo

Your Price: $9.49 SKU: 13706


GoGo Grooming Dog Nail Clippers - Large

The GoGo Large Dog Nail Clippers features Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Blades, that will stay sharp for a long time. The Anti-Slip handle allows the Clipper to feel comfortable and still feel secure in your hand. The Clipper includes a Safety stop & lock that keeps the tool securely closed when not in use.

GoGo Large Dog Nail Clippers Grooming Tool Features

  • Perfect for Medium to the Largest Breeds
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Blades
  • Spring Loaded Action
  • Stainless steel blades are sharpened for optimum cutting effect
  • Heat treated stainless steel for strength and durability
  • Anti-slip Handle
  • Safety Stop and Lock

Hold the paw while trimming the nails.

Quickly cut off the top of the nail with a single stroke. Be careful to avoid the blood vessel (the quick), as this may cause bleeding

Do not cut off too much each time. If pet's nails are very long, cut off a small amount and wait about a week to 10 days before cutting again. Repeat every week or 10 days until nails are at desired length

Follow up with a Pet Nail File to make the nails smooth

GoGo Large Dog Nail Clippers Details

  • Product Type - Nail Clippers

  • Manufacturer - GoGo Pet Products

  • Product SKU - 13706

  • Dog Coat - N/A

  • Dog Size - Medium to Large

  • Product Weight - 9 oz

  • Product Length - 7 inches

  • Product Width - 2.5 inches

  • Country of Manufacture - Taiwan

  • Product Materials
  • Body - Plastic

  • Handle - Anti-Slip Rubber Grip

  • Blades - Heat Treated, Sharpened, Stainless Steel