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GoGo Dog Crate with Divider

GoGo® Metal Dog Crates with 2 Doors

Now available with a leak proof Black Epoxy Metal Pan.

------------ When quality matters ------------

Wire gauge 4,6 (frame),8 & 11. The frame wire gauge is the most important wire. It is the wire that maintains the structural integrity of a Wire Metal Crate.*Secure double door.*Unique metal tabs for extra secure door.*Front door overlaps on the top and the bottom to help prevent pinching.*Side door overlaps on the top of the door for added protection.*Free metal divider.*Black epoxy finish.*Thick wire gauge.*Comes with carrying handle.*Removable thick Polypropylene ( PP ) plastic pan for easy clean up. Most other crates use a lesser quality plastic ( ABS ).Click here to purchase replacement PP pans.*Easy suitcase style folding ( see photo ).*No tools necessary.

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Sizing Guide:*Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around comfortably. General rule of thumb is to purchase a crate 4 inches longer (tip of nose to base of tail) and 4 inches higher (feet to top of head).

Recommended by breeders, trainers and rescue organizations across the country.Click here to see our soft sided crates