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Raw Hide Bones, Chicken Dog Treats & Pig Ears

At DigItPet we know you love your pets and we love you for that. The object of your affection needs all the love and comfort he can get from a proud owner and we have made it our business to bring you the best of all there is to offer.

Your delightful pet can be most comfortable in our wire crates that come with a secure double door, a carrying handle and a removable thick plastic pan for easy clean up and are designed to keep the little pets protected and happy.

You surely know that exercise is very important for your pet. We have the perfect exercise pen that is an excellent means of activity for your pet. It is safe as it does not have any exposed screws or wires or pins to hurt your beloved pet.

DigItPet provides options for your pet's taste buds by offering excellent Raw Hide bones that he is surely going to relish. Was there ever a dog that did not dig chicken treats? One would say, 'Never'. Our Chicken treats are tempting and excellent feedback from our regular customers has led us to believe that there is no substitute for them. Also on offer are our Pig Ears! It is not only your pet who will enjoy the treat but watching him devour the Pig Ears will be a treat for your eyes too.

With some practice and the right tools your pet can be toilet trained. We offer pee pads that absorb more liquid per square inch, are scented to attract your pet to it, and have a unique agent to absorb urine odor. Your concern for your pet's fur being free of fleas and ticks is something that we share too and we bring you some of the best products available in the industry today to guarantee to keep the fleas at bay.

DigItPet takes special pride in offering superior quality, excellent service and exceptional pricing to go with it!


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