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Wire Dog Crate, Dog Crate Replacement Trays, Soft Crates For Puppy Dogs

Using a wire dog crate provides your puppy with a comfortable and secure place when you are not at home and at night. Puppies like the security of a dog crate and crating helps with housebreaking. Dig It Pet offers wire crates in a variety of sizes to fit every dog owner's needs and dog crate replacement trays. Our wire dog crates are used by rescue organizations and breeders, as well as private owners. Purchasing the right size wire dog crate is important for your pup's comfort. We have wire and soft dog crates in sizes to fit nearly any breed. Select a dog crate that gives your dog plenty of room to move around. At minimum, the dog should be able to stand and turn around inside the cage. When choosing the size, a good rule of thumb, is four inches longer and four higher than dog.

We carry GoGo wire dog crate products for the quality of the design. Every wire dog crate is designed for safety with secure locking mechanisms. Unique metal tab designs and spring locks prevent accidental opening of the door, yet easy access when you are ready to open the cage for your puppy.

Browse our website to find a wire dog crate in sizes in sizes that range from 18 to 48 inches. Our various wire dog crate products have a range of pan options. Choose from metal, plastic pans or a fleece pad, depending on your needs and preferences.

We have wire dog crate accessories. If you have a crate, but need a dog crate replacement pan, we can help. Our plastic dog crate replacements trays come in several sizes are designed to fit any standard size wire dog crate. Dog crate beds provide a comfortable spot for your puppy to sleep at night or nap during the day. Our crate beds are created with a quilted cotton exterior and polyester filled bolsters inside the pad.


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