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GoGo Puppy Pens, Exercise Play Pen For Dogs

Puppy pens provide a safe space for your puppy to play and explore. We understand that pet owners, breeders and rescue agencies need reliable and affordable equipment for their dogs and we are dedicated to meeting this need. At Dig It Pet, we have chosen to carry the GoGo Puppy play pen brand for the quality and durability of the design, as well as the affordable price.

GoGo puppy pens are designed to provide years of reliable use. Our puppy play pens can be used indoors or outside. The long lasting black epoxy finish is used for added durability when used outdoors. We have accessories such as canvas UV cover that keeps your pet cool, and offers protection from the sun's rays and other animals.

Puppy pens are available in three sizes to fit most dogs. We have puppy play pens in sizes that range from 24 inches x 36 inches to 48 inches x 48 inches. All are designed with quality and safety in mind. These pens provide a completely safe place for your puppy to explore. There are no exposed screws, wires or pins in this design. Sometimes dogs and puppies need a safe place to play away from home. If you take your puppy on vacation or to visit family and need a place to contain the puppy, a dog exercise pen offers the perfect solution. Our puppy pens fold flat for easy travel or storage. They are designed to be easy to fold and have a carrying handle, making it easy to carry the dog exercise pen when you travel.

Our puppy play pens can be used in several configurations to provide enough room for your puppy or puppies. You can arrange the pen in a square or octagon shape. The dog exercise pen has removable pins, so you can connect additional pens to provide more space for your pups. You can also connect the pen to a crate to provide your puppy with a little area to play and then crawl into his little cozy den to sleep when he gets worn out.


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