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GoGo Exercise Pen, Dog Playpen, Exercise Pens For Dogs

The GoGo Exercise Pen is the finest quality Dog Pens available. It is manufactured with the finest quality metal with the highest Quality Control standards. The GoGo Dog Pens uses a thick 7 gauge wire ( the smaller the number, the thicker the wire) for each of its frame panels. This makes their Dog Pen sturdier than most any other Dog Exercise Pen you will find. Compare to the competitors Exercise Pens model 8 gauge wire ( Midwest and Precision ). Each Exercise Pen comes in 5 different heights, 24" Exercise Pen, 30" Exercise Pen, 36" Exercise Pen, 42" Exercise Pen and a 48" Exercise Pens. Choose from 8 or 10 panel Dog Play Pens.

The GoGo Exercise Pen comes in three different styles: 1. Regular Door - This model comes in an 8 panel or 10 panel Dog Pen. The 8 Panel Exercise Pen come in three finished, Black Epoxy, Silver Anodized or Gold Anodized. The 10 panel Exercise Pen comes in a Black Epoxy finish. Every 8 or 10 panel Dog Pens come with ground grass anchors to secure for outdoor use.

2. Walk Thru Door - This model comes in an 8 panel or 10 panel Dog Pen. The finish on these model Dog Play Pens is a high quality Black Epoxy. The Walk Thru Exercise Pen allows the owner to walk into the pen thus avoiding having to step or jump over the Dog Pen to get in. Truly an innovative product with a special spring loaded door for extra security. Each 8 or 10 panel Dog Pens come with ground grass anchors to secure for outdoor use.

3. Easy Add Exercise Pen - This is the newest addition to the GoGo Dog Pen family. It's the easiest most versatile Play Pen made. Each panel is attached using a removable rod. This allows you to remove panels or add extra panels to form the Dog Pen to whatever size or shape you wish. The Easy Add GoGo Dog Exercise Pen does not come with a door. Our competitors similar model uses 3 bolt snaps to fasten the Dog Playpen. This makes their Dog Playpen harder to enter and exit and less secure.

The GoGo Dog Pen can be used indoors or outdoors. It's recommended to use the Black Epoxy Exercise Pen for outdoor use. The GoGo Dog Play Pens come with outdoor grass anchors for added security.

Also available are GoGo Exercise Pen Tops. The Wire Pen Top is a great addition for dogs left outdoors or while camping. This makes a secure enclosure or you can add a GoGo Canvas Top with UV protection. This unique item has a UV lining to help insulate and keep the Exercise Pen cool.

The GoGo Exercise Pen requires NO tools. Easy to assemble and folds suitcase style. The GoGo Playpen can also be attached to the GoGo Dog Crate.

Dig It Pet Products offers the widest variety of Exercise Pens anywhere. Our low prices makes our the GoGo Dog Play Pens affordable. Rescue Organizations, Breeders and Trainers across the country use and recommend the GoGo Exercise Pens. Dig It Pet ships all order received before 2:00pm PST the same day ( excluding weekends and holidays ). We pride ourselves on quality products, great prices and exceptional service. Read our customer testimonials and give one of our products a try. We guarantee all of our products.


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