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Dog Pee Pads, Puppy Training Pads

Using dog pee pads has several benefits for the puppy and its owner. A pee pad helps your puppy learn to control his bladder and protects your carpets and other flooring from damage. Dig It Pet provides the accessories you need for your dog at a price you can afford with prompt delivery and excellent customer service.

In addition to protecting your flooring and helping to housebreak your puppy, dog pee pads enhance the health and safety of your home environment. Our pee pads are made with an antibacterial polymer that works to increase absorbency and provide a cleaner home for you and your dog.

We strive to beat the competition with exceptional products and exceptional pricing. Our dog pee pads are designed to absorb liquid and odors from dog urine. The pee pads in our inventory have been shown to absorb more liquid than any other brand of dog pads. They have a special scent that attracts your puppy to the pad and odor absorbent properties to soak up the odors after he has finished.

We have doggie pads for puppies of all sizes, from toy breeds to larger breeds. Dog pee pads are available in 27.5 inch and 35.5 inch sizes to fit your needs. Select the size of dog pads that will best fit your needs and complete your online transaction in minutes. We provide excellent customer service including fast processing and shipping on all orders, so you have your pads when you need them. Size isn't the only option when purchasing dog pee pads. The pads have your choice of regular and sticky backs. The sticky back design helps to hold the pad in place and prevent accidental spillage on your carpets. The addition of a leak proof lining to the design works to trap the liquid inside the pad to protect your home from damage.


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