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Dog Bones, Natural Dog Chew, Rawhide Dog Bones, Sticks & Rings

Dog bones provide something for dogs to chew when they get bored and may have dental health benefits. Chewing is a potentially expensive problem, if the dog has nothing to chew on and turns to your shoes or home furnishings. For dogs who love to chew, rawhide bones provide the perfect solution. Dig It Pet has a large selection of quality rawhide dog bones at low prices.

We have three types of rawhide dog bones, so you can find something perfect for your dog's chewing needs. Choose from pressed rawhide, natural white and basted dog bones. In addition to the types of rawhide, there are many options in the style of bones in our inventory. we provide dog bones in many shapes and sizes for small and large breeds, so you can find something that is right for your dog's weight.

Pressed rawhide bones come in sticks, bones and rawhide rings. We have eleven shapes and styles of white rawhide bones, including bones, stick, pretzel, figure 8, shoes and more. Basted rawhide bones have flavors that are designed to attract dogs and encourage them to chew on rawhide, rather than anything else they find around the house. We have three flavors of basted bones, including hickory beef, chicken and peanut butter flavors.

There have been occasional stories in the media questioning the safety of rawhide bones. When you buy dog bones from us, you can rest assured that you are giving your dog the very best quality rawhide dog bones. We only sell bones that have been proven to be safe for your pet. All our natural treats and chews are inspected by the FDA or our independent lab. All our dog bones are sold at discount prices. you can save even more by purchasing your dog's favorite rawhide bones in bulk. We have discounts of ten to twenty percent based on the number of bones purchased. The greater the quantity of bones purchased, the lower the price per bone.


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