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Gridlock Training Pads

Gridlock Training Pads
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Gridlock Training Pads are the first pad to use an Antibacterial Polymer to maximize absorption. This feature, on top of the super absorbency, makes a cleaner, safer training pad.. This Polymer also makes the Gridlock Pads the safest and cleanest pad available. We now offer our Gridlock Training Pads in a variety of different styles and sizes for yours and your pets every need.

Classic Gridlock Pads - Our number one selling Training Pads and the best quality on the market. Gridlock Training Pads are a staple product for any astute pet owner. Great for puppies and dogs of all ages who may need a little help at home. Made with antibacterial grid channels for unbeatable absorbency and with a special scent that will attract your pet and help to pad train your pet. These Gridlock Training Pads are the classic size of 24x24 which is perfect for all sizes and breeds of pets. We offer these in packs of 15, 30, 55 or 100.

XL Size Gridlock Pads - Just as durable and absorbent as our classic Gridlock Training Pads but now available in 27.5" x 35.5" pads, an extra large Training Pad for those extra large breeds. Available in packs of 15, 25 and 40.

Sticky Back Gridlock Training Pads - With all the perks of the famous Gridlock Training Pads. Same Superior Grid Channels that lock moisture in and odor out. Now with adhesive strip corners to keep your pad in place. Available in packs of 15, 33, 55 and 100.

We Beat our competition every which way! Superior product, extra value to our customers and exceptional pricing.

Gridlock Training Pads - 14 Pack Gridlock Pads
Gridlock Training Sticky Back Pads - 15 pack Gridlock Sticky Back Pads
XL Gridlock Pads - 15 pack XL Gridlock Pads
ValuPlanet Training Pads - 50 pack NEW ValuPlanet - Free Shipping
GoGo Training Pad Holder GoGo Training Pad Holder

Additional Information about Gridlock Training Pads
With our new grid-channel technology, Gridlock Housebreaking Pads are the finest protection pad money can buy. A special scent attracts your pet when nature calls, making housetraining easy. Gridlock pads channel moisture away from the surface and return to dryness in seconds. The leak-proof plastic lining and sealed edges prevent damage to floors and carpets and ensures easy clean-up. The advanced technology polymer absorbs and traps liquid better than all the leading brands. No more wetness, no more odor, no more tracks.
What our customers have to say...
These are absolutely the BEST PADS on the market. Do you plan on carrying or making an extra large size. I have tried all brands and I saw a customer comment somewhere and decided to try a pack. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. They absorb well and the plastic on the bottom holds up. Thank you, thank you so much and please let me know about the size.
-- Sandra B., - Collierville, TN
These pads are the best. I will no longer use the original wee wee pads. we just added a 3 month old German Sheppard to the family and during the winter it is hard to train. These pads soak up everything and I have no problems with leaks. They are very price affordable too! I have just placed my 2nd order with them in a larger quantity!
-- Nancy G. - Hampton Bays, NY
Awesome product from awesome seller. I have tried three different Wee Pads in a week and the Gridlock helped me potty train my Shih Tzu in one day!!!-ONE DAY!!It doesn't get any better than this. I wanted my puppy trained before i returned to work from vacation and thanks to this product no stress or worries. I will do commercials free for this manufacturer-100% GUARANTEE!!
-- Lejinal C. - Ballwin, MO
Just a little FYI: I have 3 little doggies that have bladders the size of a grain of salt. We set the puppy pads out so if they have to go between outside walks they can. I have tried just about every other puppy pad on earth and yours is the ONLY one that doesn't smell or drip or anything else gross!!!
-- Elizabeth L., - Mahomet, IL

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