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  • Dog Crate Cup with Clamp 20oz

GoGo® Stainless Steel Small Dog Crate Water Bowls 20 oz.

Your Price: $8.59 SKU: 13624


GoGo® Stainless Steel Dog Crate Bowl with Clamp Holder, 20 oz.

Dog Crate Water Bowls by GoGo® are sturdy, long lasting and reliable. Made from heavy duty stainless steel these dog crate bowls have a 20 oz capacity, perfect fit for most small dogs. These crate cups are also rust resistant, making them an excellent option for food or water and can be easily attached to most standard dog crates, cages, and kennels.

These Stainless Steel Dog Crate Bowls includes a heavy duty bolt-lock clamp which allows your dog's bowl to easy and quickly secure on most metal dog crates. No worries about the clamp breaking, it's as solid and durable as they come.

GoGo® Dog Crate Bowls are made solid and build to last, constructed from premium stainless steel. Plastic, wood, ceramic and other pet bowls have a porous surface which can harbor bacteria even after being washed and may even contain chemical based dyes. Stainless Steel has a flat, easy to clean, hygienic surface which is why many veterinarians recommend them. These Stainless Steel Dog Crate Bowls are easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable, and rust resistant. Best of all the Bowl and Clamp are completely dishwasher safe. These crate bowls fit perfectly with the GoGo® Metal Dog Crates.

GoGo® Stainless Steel Dog Crate Water Bowl Features

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for Food or Water
  • Attaches to most Metal Crates, Cages or Kennels
  • Rust Resistant
  • Durable, Built to Last
  • Holds up to 20 ounces of Food or Water
  • Sanitary and Easy to Clean
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Accommodates most Small Dogs
GoGo Dog Crate Water Bowl Details

  • Product Type - Dog Crate Water Bowl

  • Manufacturer - GoGo Pet Products

  • Product Size - Small

  • Capacity - 20 ounce

  • Materials - Stainless Steel

  • Pet Type/Size - Small Dogs

  • Product SKU - 13624

  • Product Weight - N/A

  • UPC/Barcode -879349006246