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  • Ant Proof Cat Bowl 8 oz
  • Ant Proof Cat Bowl 8 oz
  • Ant Proof Cat Bowl 8 oz
  • Ant Proof Cat Bowl 8 oz
  • Ant Proof Cat Bowl 8 oz

GoGo® Stainless Steel Ant Proof Bowls for Small Pets 8 oz.

Your Price: $8.29 SKU: 13628


GoGo® Stainless Steel Ant Proof Cat or Small Dog Bowl, 8 oz.

These Ant Free Pet Bowls by GoGo® are made of high grade stainless steel and hold a capacity of 8 oz. of food or water. Perfect sized Anti Proof Bowl for any size cat or a small dog. Rust Resistant and fitted with a rubber base to help reduce noise and skidding.

The GoGo® Ant Proof Cat Bowl keeps ants out of your pet's food through its unique ant proof design. No need for a messy moat, just fill the bowl with your pet's food and that's it! Just make sure that the sides of the cat bowl are not touching anything that ants would be able to use to climb in.

The reason GoGo® only produces pet bowls out of high grade stainless steel is due to a variety of reasons. Plastic, wood, ceramic and other pet bowls have a porous surface which can harbor bacteria even after being washed and may even contain chemical based dyes. Stainless Steel has a flat, easy to clean, hygienic surface which is why many veterinarians recommend them. These Stainless Steel Ant Proof Bowls are easy to clean, scratch resistant, durable, resistant to rust and have a beautiful mirror finish shine. They also come complete with a thick rubber base which helps reduce noise and assists in keeping the cad or dog's dish from sliding around during feeding time.

Available in a variety of sizes, to suit any size or breed of dog, these ant proof pet bowls are built to last. Prefect for both food or water.

GoGo® Stainless Steel Ant Proof Cat Bowl Features

  • Made from Stainless Steel
  • Special Design to Keep food Free of Ants
  • Rubber Base Reduces Noise and Movement
  • Rust Resistant - Perfect for food or water
  • Durable, Long Lasting, Unmatched Quality
  • Holds up to 8 ounces of Food and Water
  • Sanitary and Easy to Clean
  • No Need for Messy Moats
  • Accommodates most cats and small dogs

GoGo Ant Proof Cat Bowl Details

  • Product Type - Ant Proof Cat Bowl

  • Manufacturer - GoGo Pet Products

  • Product Size - Small

  • Capacity - 8 ounces

  • Materials - Stainless Steel

  • Pet Type/Size - Cats or Small Dogs

  • Product SKU - 13628

  • Product Weight - N/A

  • UPC/Barcode -879349006284