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  • Lamb Bone Dog Treats
  • Lamb Bone Dog Treats

USA Lamb Bonz Dog Treats

Your Price: $6.99 SKU: 11025


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GoGo USA Lamb Bonz Dog Treats

Our USA Lamb Bonz Dog Treats made by GoGo Pet Products are an extra meaty lamb dog treat, sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Sourced from the femur bones of USDA Lambs and processed here in the USA you are always guaranteed a high quality, consistent dog treat.
These Lamb Dog Treats are roasted in their own juices to enhance flavor and color. There are perfect for smaller breeds of dog and offer a great alternative to dogs who are sensitive to beef and pork bones. Dogs just can't get enough of the real taste of lamb!

GoGo USA Lamb Bonz Dog Treats | Features

  • All Natural Dog Treat
  • Roasted in their own juice to enhance flavor
  • Lots of delicious lamb meat still attached to the bone
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect for dogs sensitive to Beef or Pork Bones

GoGo USA Lamb Bonz Dog Treats Details

  • Product Type - Lamb Dog Treats

  • Manufacturer - GoGo

  • Product Size - 6 Inches

  • Ingredients - 100% Lamb Femur Bone

  • Dog Size - Small to Medium

  • Product SKU - 11025

  • Product Weight - 5 oz

  • Country of Manufacture - Made in USA

  • Bulk Information - 40 Per Case