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  • USA Odor Free Braided Bully

GoGo Braided Bully Stick - 6 inch

Your Price: $6.99 SKU: 11839


GoGo® Braided Bully Stick, 6 inch

Manufactured by GoGo Pet Products, the 6 inch GoGo Braided Bully Stick consists of three full size bully sticks braided into each other to form a mouthwatering, long lasting, all natural dog chew that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest pups. This Braided Bully Stick measures out at 6 inches long and is ideal for any size dog, including the smallest breeds and puppies.

GoGo Pet Products is known for producing some of the pet industries highest rated dog supplies. From their Gridlock Puppy Pads to their all natural, braided bully sticks. GoGo always delivers a top quality, consistent product with an affordable price tag.

While most competitors use sliced bully stick halves to make their braided bullys, GoGo only uses hand selected, full, bullysticks for their braided bully sticks. Ensuring a larger, meatier, and longer lasting chew. Pick one up today and surprise your four legged companion with one of these delectable all natural, Braided Bully Sticks.

GoGo® Braided Bully Stick, 6 inch Features

  • An All Natural Dog Chew
  • Made from three full size Bully Sticks
  • 100% Beef Pizzle
  • Low in Odor
  • Long Lasting and Healthier Dog Chew Option
  • Assists in Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy
  • Processed to the Highest Standards
  • Ideal for all size dogs

GoGo® Braided Bully Stick, 6 inch | Full Details

Bully Stick Size
  • Average Length: 6 inches
  • Average Weight: 4 ounces
  • Quantity: 1 Braided Bully Stick
Additional Details
  • Country: South and North America
  • Processed: United States
  • Product SKU: 11839
  • Barcode/UPC: 8-79349-00217-0

Ingredients: 100% Beef Pizzle

Dog Size: All Size Dogs

Storage: Store in Freezer

Shelf Life: 36 Months