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Gridlock Puppy Pads 30 Pack

Gridlock Training Pads

Gridlock Training Pads are the first pad to use an Antibacterial Polymer to maximize absorption. This feature, on top of the super absorbency, makes a cleaner, safer training pad.. This Polymer also makes the Gridlock Pads the safest and cleanest pad available. We now offer our Gridlock Training Pads in a variety of different styles and sizes for yours and your pets every need. Classic Gridlock Pads - Our number one selling Training Pads and the best quality on the market. Gridlock Training Pads are a staple product for any astute pet owner. Great for puppies and dogs of all ages who may need a little help at home. Made with antibacterial grid channels for unbeatable absorbency and with a special scent that will attract your pet and help to pad train your pet. These Gridlock Training Pads are the classic size of 24x24 which is perfect for all sizes and breeds of pets. We offer these in packs of 15, 30, 55 or 100. XL Size Gridlock Pads - Just as durable and absorbent as our classic Gridlock Training Pads but now available in 27.5" x 35.5" pads, an extra large Training Pad for those extra large breeds. Available in packs of 15, 25 and 40. Sticky Back Gridlock Training Pads - With all the perks of the famous Gridlock Training Pads. Same Superior Grid Channels that lock moisture in and odor out. Now with adhesive strip corners to keep your pad in place. Available in packs of 15, 33, 55 and 100.
We Beat our competition every which way! Superior product, extra value to our customers and exceptional pricing.