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  • GoGo Soft Crate Arm

GoGo Soft Crate Arm Replacement Kit

Your Price: $7.99 SKU: 12141



GoGo® Soft Crate Replacement Arm Kit

These Arm Replacement Kits are made specifically for the GoGo Soft Crates. If one of the arms on your GoGo Soft Crate is ever damaged or breaks you can quickly and easily replace it using one of these kits and a basic Philips head screwdriver. This replacement arm kit will work with any size GoGo Soft Crates purchased after 2012. This kit includes the replacement arm, along with 1 replacement screw.

GoGo® Soft Crate Replacement Arm Kit Features

  • Easy to replace
  • Only requires a basic screwdriver
  • Fix your GoGo Soft Crate in only a few minutes